Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Looking for a Good Webmater? Here's the Trick!

One of the biggest mistake a new business owner can do is create a on the fly website, or have their 13 year old "genius" nephew do it for them. Although he may be a genius. It takes years of experience and knowledge to be a good website project manager. Not knowing all the technologies, your company falls quickly behind in proper netiquette (proper ways of doing things online without offending.) You are prey to your webmaster's ignorance, so shop around and make sure your new webmaster knows what he is talking about.

What to do and  Look for hen searching for a good webmaster!
  • All around knowledge of web design and online marketing.
  • Be prepared when interviewing, have your questions ready.
  • See how fluidly they answered those questions determines their proficiency.
  • Avoid resellers, go straight to the source.
  • No matter how good you feel, get a couple of quotes rom other companies, never go with a first choice
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